Archaeology in the Community (AITC) appreciates the support you have given this past year. Due to your support, we were able to have an immediate impact on our community in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. A special thank you to our generous partners and sponsors:






A monument to James Madison, a museum of American history, and a center for constitutional education that engages the public with the enduring legacy of Madison’s most powerful idea: government by the people. Learn more…


Through the Mission Continues, veterans serve their country in new ways by engaging in our innovative and action-oriented programs. The first, The Mission Continues’ Fellowship, harnesses veterans’ strengths, skills, and their compassion and empowers them to volunteer with non-profit organizations in their community on a daily basis. The second, The Mission Continues’ Service Platoons, brings teams of veterans who are working together with partners at the local level to build stronger communities and tackle pressing issues. Learn more…

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