We offer programs to inspire new archaeologists and educate the community about the profession.  Learn more:

Day of Archaeology Festival

Each year, AITC hosts the Day of Archaeology Festival, a gathering of archaeology and community organizations from DC, Virginia and Maryland. Together, we provide fun, free activities related to archaeology, local history, community building and more. A great event for all ages!  Check out our Calendar.

Digging into Archaeology
AITC hosts a blog called “Digging into Archaeology” where we – students, teachers, archaeologists, field techs, community members, curators, artists, activists – can participate an archaeological conversation. The blog is a space where everyone can voice their thoughts, concerns and experiences in archaeology.  Please visit our blog.

A video series started by AITC to showcase and highlight 12 archaeological sites and or projects. One video a month will be featured on YouTube. In addition, we will feature short videos during the month, which feature artifacts from that month’s site on Instagram. Check out the featured videos.