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Philanthropic support fuels eveaitc schoolsry aspect of Archaeology in the Community, from exposing the next generation to their first dig to providing fun ways to tackle applied sciences.

Every gift, every year, no matter the size, means a great deal to AITC students. Your generous donation will support the efforts of the Archaeology in the Community team to make archaeology accessible, fun, and meaningful. Our programs are made possible only through the donations of thoughtful community members like you.


*Donate Online
General donations can be made to support AITC’s work in the greater community. Please use the button below to submit a secure online donation using your credit card. Archaeology in the Community is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all gifts will be acknowledged with a thank you and a receipt for tax purposes.



*Join the AITC Giving Together
Archaeology in the Community Giving Together (AITCGT) is a giving circle whose members are Dynamic, Smart, Caring, Passionate and Committed to making a difference in the lives of youth and young professionals.  As a special initiative of Archaeology in the Community, AITCGT brings members together to take part in the joy of philanthropy. Ninety percent of each member’s contribution underwrites the youth and professional development fund, which makes awards annually. As an added benefit, members will have access to a number of exclusive member only events throughout the year. Contact us for more information on AITCGT or download the informational packet,  Archaeology in the Community Giving Together.  Then please make a donation below:




*Support Through Our Amazon Wish List
Please help AITC continue our education programs by going directly to our Amazon Wish List and selecting items for donation.  These items will help us continue our mission. Click here to visit our Wish List.
amazon wish list


*Support Through the DC One Fund
If you are an employee of the District of Columbia you can support AITC through the DC One Fund. Click here to support AITC.

one fund aitc

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