Cultural heritage can be defined as the legacy of tangible artifacts and intangible attributes of a society or group that is inherited from the past, maintained in the present, and passed down to future generations.


Martina E. Martin’s personal artifact using her own material culture and art processes

And it goes great with wine! 

Join AITC for an interactive workshop combining art and archaeology to celebrate the diversity of our individual and collective cultural traditions through the art-making process. Participants will combine found objects and personal artifacts that represent some aspect of the participant’s heritage and transform them into a lasting mosaic tile.

Celebrate your individual and collective cultural traditions! Combine found objects and personal artifacts (for example, orphaned earrings, kitchen utensils, buttons, screws, keys, etc.) and immortalize your material history!

  • Date: Sunday, March 29th
  • Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
  • Location: Brookland Art Center (3305 8th St NE Washington, DC)
  • Price: $30 per person
  • Includes: materials, wine, and appetizersbtn_buynow_LG

Your artwork will then serve as a treasured keepsake that pays homage your own cultural heritage while fostering a greater appreciation for the field of archaeology.

Facilitators: Martina E. Martin and Lindsey D. Vance, Board Certified Art Therapists (ATR-BC) and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)



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