College Workshop Series
In association with local universities, AITC creates professional development workshops for college students who are interested in pursuing careers in archaeology and anthropology. Workshops include but aren’t limited to lectures, archaeological methods workshops, mentoring, resume writing and career preparation. AITC provides opportunities for bilateral discussion, career planning, goal setting, and feedback. Additionally, we connect students to archaeological resources and networks both regionally and nationally. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Internships are a great option for students looking to gain experience in public archaeology. Students wishing to gain skills in archaeological programming, education, fundraising, evaluation, and outreach would benefit from interning with AITC. AITC is happy to accommodate individual interests and schedules, and specific time frames, tasks and goals are collaboratively created for mutual benefit. Internships are unpaid, but can be used to fulfill university requirements for credit.  Please see the Opportunities section for more details on internships currently being offered.

Archaeological Landscape Photography of Washington, DC Area Program
Premiered in August 2013, AITC guided local college students partnered to represent Washington, DC’s rich archaeological history through their experience and photography. Students sought out various buildings, locations, landscapes that have been or are currently being surveyed by archaeologists. Using digital photography, students captures these sites in a way, which they thought best, represents the landscape’s story. To view the photo exhibition gallery, please go to Archaeological Landscape Photography.