16629895833_13a9318b52_k_rightcolumnArchaeology in the Community is pleased to announce a new partnership with Montpelier Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on continuing public engagement with American constitutional self-government by bringing to life the home and contributions of James and Dolley Madison, to offer full scholarships to attend a special LEARN Archaeology Expedition Program for grade school teachers. Teachers attending the program will have the opportunity to participate in excavations with the Montpelier Archaeology Department staff, while also gaining instruction from Dr. Alexandra Jones, Executive Director of AITC on applying the experiences gained in the field to the classroom.

Teachers will leave the program with an understanding of the archaeological excavation process from Montpelier’s archaeology staff, and a wealth of knowledge on how to apply these concepts to a variety of different subjects for students. By the end of the week, teachers will leave Montpelier with lesson plans in hand, and a unique experience to share with their students and colleagues!

 This year the program will take place July 16th – 21st. 

For questions regarding the type of instruction being offered for teachers and the scholarship process, please contact Archaeology in the Community at info@archaeologyincommunity.com

To apply:

1. Visit http://montpelier.fluidreview.com
2. In your profile page, select the application for “Excavation Archaeology Expedition – Teacher Program”

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